I'm a Story-Based Copywriter & Content Strategist.

That means I'll translate your target customer's pain into a carefully crafted narrative in which they're the Hero, and your brand and product will aid them in their journey.

Every piece of content you deliver to your audience will be a part of that story.

 My story-focused approach is based in evidence-based studies in neuroscience, marketing, and psychology that prove that a well-told tale is the shortest route to influencing people's decisions.

What does that mean for you? It means that when you hire a story-based copywriter you will:


Turn Your Ideas Into Sales.

Do you know what the difference is between a "meh" startup and a stellar startup? 

(Hint: it's not the code or even the customer service)

It's in the relationship you build with your audience. 

Every word you publish, whether it's on a landing page or an in-app notification, should have one purpose: to build trust and inspire action. 


Free Up Your Time.

You're busy.

I totally get it.

The last thing you have time to do is create content, let alone spend hours promoting it on social media and pitching it to influencers.

I'll take the content burden off your shoulders.

Better yet, I'll connect you with the top bloggers, journalists and business leaders in your field.


Go Beyond Buzzwords.

You're in a competitive niche. Do you want to:

A) blend in with the samey-sameness of your rivals?


B) disrupt your industry by creating unforgettable experiences for your target users? 

(That's not a rhetorical question. If the answer is A, kindly click away now!)