As a purpose-driven marketer, my job isn't to persuade or manipulate your customers.

It isn't to control their behavior or make them feel bad about themselves if they don't buy from you.

My job is to use radical empathy to inspire your customers to action.

  I use data-backed research, psychological insights and storytelling techniques to discover the story your customers are seeking to tell about themselves. Then I carefully craft a narrative in which they're the Hero, and your brand and product will aid them in their journey.

Every interaction you have with your audience will be a part of that story.

My story-focused approach is based in evidence-based studies in neuroscience, marketing, and psychology that prove that a well-told tale is the shortest route to influencing people's decisions.

What does that mean for you?

It means that when you use a story-based marketing approach, you get:


When Shereef Bishay, founder of Dev Bootcamp, came to me in need of better qualified leads for his new public benefit corp, my conversion copywriting services helped to increase Facebook Ad and landing page conversions by over 200%.




When Dallas realtor Junior Desinor needed to raise funding to bring his industry-changing real estate lockbox and app to market, my work on his crowdfunding campaign helped him raise $100,412 in just 30 days--and go on to make a deal on Shark Tank.



When Joshua Bretag, founder of the Mindful productivity app, needed to engage potential beta users, my content marketing strategy earned fan mail from his subscribers, won the attention of major product review bloggers, and converted 32.7 percent of his landing page visitors. 



My clients:

  • Empower women of color to take on leadership roles in their careers and communities
  • Make healthy food choices accessible and appealing in low-income "food deserts"
  • Help companies close the gender pay gap by offering parental support and wellness programs for new moms

In other words, if your business has a purpose beyond pure profit, my story-based approach will help you make it a reality.