The Purpose Driven Persona (New Client Package- 50% OFF)

The Purpose Driven Persona (New Client Package- 50% OFF)

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If you want your copy to come to life and inspire people to take action, it’s essential that your buyer persona represent a living, breathing, snort-laughing human being with fears and dreams.
Is there anything more human than the awkward, yet always-endearing snort-laugh? I think not. 

With the right buyer persona, your copy can appeal to the deepest hopes and greatest sources of pain in your target buyer’s soul, resulting not only in more sales, but also a community of fans begging you to deliver more life-changing products!

Your package will include:

  1. One 60-minute kickoff consultation.

  2. Market Research Findings- an at-a-glance overview of your target market

  3. Demographic & Psychographic Information- data-backed details on your target buyer’s external and internal motivators that influence their buying decisions.

  4. Goals, Fears & Frustrations- psychological insights about the problems your target buyer seeks to solve and how they feel about them (and how your brand and products will be perfectly positioned to solve them).

  5. Buyer Story- a detailed biographical narrative based on the data collected about your target buyer.

  6. Influencers- examples of favorite social media and content channels, as well as online communities where you can find your target buyer

  7. Favorite Causes- your target buyer cares about stuff that you should care about, too (as we’ve seen over the past year--making a stand for good is good business). I’ll identify some of the big charitable causes and social issues that you can align your company with through fundraising and awareness campaigns.

  8. Action steps- recommended next steps on how to grab the attention and gain the trust of your target buyer so they will convert from stranger to super-fan.


Reserve My Spot

What happens after I reserve my spot?

Once you click "Reserve My Spot", a form will pop up. Please fill out all of your company info and provide a few extra details about what you offer and who it's for.

After you complete the form, you can check out with your order using a credit card or PayPal. Your new client discount will already be applied in the shopping cart.

When your order is processed, you'll get an order confirmation email for your records. Within 1 business day you'll get a welcome email from me with a link to my calendar app so we can schedule our kickoff call.

Please Note: if you have not gotten a welcome email within 2 business days, please email me at!

How soon can we have our 60-minute kickoff call?

It all depends on your schedule and my availability. You can take a look here to see my next open slots. (Note: 60-MINUTE KICKOFF CALLS ARE FOR PAID CLIENTS ONLY. PLEASE DON'T RESERVE IT UNTIL YOU HAVE PAID FOR YOUR PACKAGE.)

How long does it take for you to deliver the buyer persona documents?

You can expect me to deliver your buyer persona documents 5 to 10 business days after our kickoff call.

Do I have to pay for the whole thing up front? 

Yes! Paying for your package up front ensures that you have reserved your project on my calendar and that you'll get your documents within 30 days after our kickoff consultation.

Can I pay after you deliver the documents?

Nope! As the old TV commercials used to say, "Sorry, no CODs." Just like any other product, you have to pay for this package before it's delivered to you. 

Do you offer payment plans?

I don't offer a payment plan for the Purpose Driven Persona package, since it has a relatively quick turnaround (within one month). However, I do offer cashflow-friendly plans for projects with longer timelines.

What if I don't like the buyer persona you create?

The Purpose Driven Persona package is the perfect, low-pressure pilot project for us to test out whether or not we'd be a good client-consultant fit.

If you think the buyer persona I deliver is spot-on and helps you see who your target buyer is, where to find her, how to get her attention, and what to say to inspire her to buy--great! Let's talk next steps for creating copy that will speak directly to this target buyer! 

If the buyer persona turns out to be a disappointment--or you just don't like the way I work--no problem! We can go our separate ways. I can even recommend other growth marketers to work with. 

I have multiple buyer segments with very different personas. Will you include all of them in the Purpose Driven Persona package?

This particular package price covers one persona per new client.

That said, I have plenty of experience working with clients who have more than one buyer persona and I'd be happy to put together a reasonably-priced new client package for you. Email me to discuss how we can work together.