Finally Weave the story your customers need you To tell

 With words that inspire them to buy.

Introducing a 4-week, 1-on-1 story discovery experience and done-for-you website copywriting service for startups on a mission to change lives.


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1. Discovery Phase

The first step in my process is a 1 hour insight-gathering consultation with you. In our first in-depth project kickoff I'll learn more about your goals and values, your unique perspective on your industry, the change you seek to make in the world, and your ideas for the voice and the character of your brand.

2. Research Phase

Armed with an understanding of your voice, perspective, and goals, I embark on a quest to uncover the hidden desires and challenges your target customer faces. 

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3. Idea & Strategy Phase

After I collect enough ammo to brainstorm some brilliance, I lay out a framework that best suits the mindset of your target customer and your conversion goals. This is the part where I write your Brand Storytelling Strategy, and your website wireframe.

4. Creation Phase

Finally, I bring it all together and craft 5 pages of high-quality laser-focused web copy to delight and engage your audience, and drive them to say "YES" to your offer.

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5. Delivery Phase

You didn't think I'd hand over the documents and leave you lost in the digital woods without a compass, did you? The final step of the project is a 60-minute coaching call so we can talk about the next steps you can take to bring your story to life on social media and beyond. 

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60-Minute Story Discovery Session

I'll walk you through everything we'll need to get started. In our hour-long call, we'll discuss your story, mission and vision along with your goals for growth.



Made-For-You Brand Storytelling Toolbox

Your complete Brand Storytelling Strategy document, complete with:

  • Mission and Values Statements
  • Buyer Persona
  • Brand Persona
  • Positioning Statement
  • Brand Voice Style Guide you have a treasure trove of core messaging to refer to for all your communication needs.



Copywriting For 5 Essential Web Pages

Everything you need to say to sell your product or service, all in one Google Doc.

You'll get the following web pages, along with keyword-driven page titles, and meta descriptions to make them search engine friendly:

  • Home Page (Up to 750 words)
  • About/Values/Mission Page (Up to 1200 words)
  • Product/Services (Up to 1200 words)
  • How It Works/Pricing (Up to 1200 words)
  • Contact Page (Up to 500 words)

Wireframing of Web Page Copy

Get the complete picture of how the copy should flow on each web page. (Your designer will thank you)


Full Rights On All Content

Once I deliver the final draft, you can  plug the copy right into your website. Repurpose it for other marketing content like emails or brochures, create revised variants for testing and optimization--it's all yours and it's all good.


60-Minute Coaching & Strategy Session

One last call before you leave the nest! Plan on launching a blog or building your email list? Need some guidance on how to go about nurturing leads or launch a new offering? We'll talk about the next steps in your story-selling journey. 


A Warm Wave of Gratitude and Joy after reading your Documents--just like these Happy clients:

I just did a read through of the site and damn girl you “get” us! Fantastic job telling our story. Thank you.
— Kathy Pattison, Marketing Director for Testive
I really like what you’ve done with the homepage! It’s a pretty big departure from our features-based way of talking, which I think is what we really needed.
— Sara Funduk, Co-founder of CourseCraft
Alaura, overall this document is AWESOME. Nice work!

Your level of research shows. The detail is impressive.
— Jeremy Biron, Founder of Forecastly
OMG I’m reading it and got tears in my eyes from Didi’s story. fuuuuuh you’re so good. LOL.
This was so interesting and I FEEL her. I am so geeked. Amazing job Alaura!
— Arica Smith, Founder of Cardinal-Smith Consulting
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Let's put it this way:

You could spend endless hours hunting down "How To" articles and signing up for ebooks and worksheets on copywriting blogs so you can DIY your web copy.

Eventually. When you get the time.

(Time? What's this thing called 'time?' Is it something that not-entrepreneurs have in abundance?)

You could play 'Upwork Roulette' and hire a cheap copy drone on a race to hammer out as many client projects at once to make up for their bargain-basement rates. (Quality and process bedamned!)

You could slap together a few "good-ish enough" web pages just to get that website launched and promise yourself that once you get enough sales you'll invest in better copywriting.

(Ever try selling stuff with 'meh' copy? 'Enough sales' never comes.) could be the person who sent me this email today:

"Our website is pretty sparse (I'm a terrible writer). Every year I say, "you know I should probably do a better job of telling folks what we're all about."
This is the year. This year I am looking to invest more into content."

If that sounds like you, here's your investment:

The Storyhacking Startup Pack.png

Please note: I only take on 2 new clients per month. 

“Alaura took our ‘C-‘ website that screamed ‘non-profit cliche’ and turned it into an A+ story that got visitors excited about getting involved in our mission. The landing page she created to recruit applicants for our software training program attracted our dream students. We’re proud to say that we’re helping to break down Silicon Valley’s barriers for people of color and other underrepresented groups with each conversion Alaura has helped us to make. “
— Shereef Bishay, Co-Founder of Dev Bootcamp & Learners Guild
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Would the Storyhacking StartUp Pack be a good fit for your company?

Answer the following 6 questions to see if it's a match:

1) How long have you been in business?

a) 3+ years 

b) 1-2 years

c) less than a year

2) Do you have a product ready to deliver to your customers?

a) Yes

b) Not yet-- it's still in development

c) We don't even know what product we're selling yet.

3) Do you have an existing website?

a) Yes

b) No, but we have a domain and a platform.

c) How do I build a website?

4) Do you know the impact you want to make in your industry? 

a) Yes--we've discovered an opportunity in the market that our competitors aren't serving and we're ready to lead in that space.

b) There are a few directions we've been leaning toward but we're not sure where to go.

c) We just want to be in the industry.

5) Does your business serve people and the planet while making a profit?

a) Yes: we're a public benefit/B corp.

b) Not yet, but we're ready to make creating social good a central part of our mission.

c) No way! What are you, a commie?

6) Have you determined your budget for a newly written website?   

a) Yes, and we know how many conversions we'll need to ensure that our investment more than pays for itself.

b) Kinda-- we know the ballpark we can afford and are looking for the best bang for our buck.



And now, the results...

If most of your answers are "A": 

Your website called and it needs a story, stat!

Good grief! What are you waiting for? Why haven't you applied for a spot on my project calendar yet?

(Seriously--this service would be perfect for you.)

If most of your answers are "B":

You + Storyhacking = Match Made In Heaven

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship. I love to work with early-stage startup companies on a mission to take the lead in their industries while helping people and the planet. And don't worry if there are gaps in your positioning, messaging or understanding of your target customer--the Storyhacking Startup Pack is here to help you fill in those blanks.

(Questions? Ask away on the application! I'll follow up with an email so we can talk about your business needs.)

If most of your answers are "C": It sounds like you might be in the wrong place. It's probably too early in your business journey to invest in a comprehensive strategic branding package like the Storyhacking Startup Pack. But I have plenty of free DIY resources you can use as you're building your brand new biz over on my blog!

Who are you.png


I'm your story-nerding, copy-crafting, sales-getting, do-gooding geek Goddess! 

If I were a student at Hogwarts, my name would be Hermione Granger (but I'd be a Ravenclaw).

But since we're living in the Muggle world, you can call me Alaura (House of Weaver). 

I'm Alaura Weaver..png


I believe that stories, when told with empathy and insight, can drive human compassion in all things, from how we run our businesses to how we treat our neighbors to how we lead nations.

That's my purpose--to infuse your business with story-power so you can make the positive change you seek in the world.

When I'm not obsessing over narrative, I'm hanging with my fam in Minnesota (aka The North. House motto: "Winter Is Coming, So Always Wear Layers").

I'm the proud Momasaurus Rex to one gamer-geek six-year-old, one four-year-old paleontologist-in-training and one nineteen-year-old cat called Pooch. I'm also the beloved wife to the world's biggest fan of mountain biking documentaries. 

In addition to my work as a copywriting content strategist person, I'm also a social justice writer whose pieces about intersectional feminism have been featured on Huffington Post, Rantt and Salon. I'm also the story editor for Inflection Point, a PRX podcast about women rising up. 

Namedrop time:

My story-based approach to copywriting has earned the respect and advocacy of some of the most respected names in startup marketing, like Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers & Airstory, Nichole Elizabeth De Meré of Growth Hackers and, Kira Hug & Rob Marsh of The Copywriter Club, and Hillary Weiss of...well..herself.

Thanks to their praise, I've had the honor of working with pioneering startup founders with visions of making a difference while making money.

If you think I'm the expert you need to elevate your web copy from "mediocrity" to "making change", apply to work together today!