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We'll talk human-to-human about what you want your startup to achieve and how my story-based approach to copywriting will get you there. I've helped my clients:

  • Raise over $550,000 in crowdfunding campaigns
  • Increase conversion rates by more than 200%
  • Discover and connect with target users & influencers
  • Save hours of time on content creation & promotion
  • Take the pain out of on-boarding email campaigns 
  • Develop laser-focused content marketing strategies

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You're an inspired innovator with a business idea that could change lives for the better.

But You're Not a Writer.

Here's How I Can Help:

Turn Your Ideas Into Words.

As a freelance copywriter and blogger, I carefully craft the right words to tell your compelling story in an authentic voice to win trust and inspire people to action.

Free Up Your Time.

I partner with busy marketing professionals, startup founders, and social entrepreneurs to create content that weaves emotional connections enduring beyond the last word.

Outshine Your Rivals

Search engines, like readers, are attracted to original, relevant content. I create engaging, yet "googly" SEO content and curate laser-focused social media content so your target customer will find you first when they're ready to make decisions.

Go Beyond Buzzwords

Conversions are just the beginning of the conversation. It's time to stop marketing to faceless consumers and start sharing experiences with people on a human level.

(Not to Brag, But You've Probably Seen Me On...)

My article on Storyhacking has been shared daily since it went live in April!

My article on Storyhacking has been shared daily since it went live in April!

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When you stop marketing to consumers and start telling stories with people, business becomes personal.

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