My mission as your copywriter and content strategist is to create content that converts passersby into customers and customers into fans. 

To deliver this outcome, my process, called “The Storyology Method” has six stages:




You know your business and your audience better than anyone. So the first step in my process is an insight-gathering consultation with you. In our first in-depth project kickoff I'll learn more about your goals, your unique perspective on the space, and your ideas for the voice and the character of your brand.



Armed with an understanding of your voice, perspective, and goals, I embark on a quest to uncover the hidden desires and challenges your target customer faces.  This means using digital analytic tools to gather quantitative data and interviewing people, listening to customer success recordings and lurking in online discussion groups to collect qualitative data.



Inspired by what I've learned about the world of your target customer, I brainstorm creative ways for your brand to express the story they're seeking to tell.



After I collect enough ammo to rework your existing "blah" copy or approach to content with "brilliance," I lay out a framework that best suits the mindset of your target customer and your conversion goals.



Finally, I bring it all together and craft high-quality laser-focused content to engage your audience, and drive them to say "YES" to your offer.



So far, everything I’ve created is based on a hypothesis formed from reviewing the data in the research stages. It’s time to test that hypothesis through a series of quick experiments (ie email segmentation, alternate subject lines or call to actions on buttons). After we compile and validate the results, I’ll propose variants for future testing.

What are you working on? 


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