Speak Human. Make Good. Make More. Customer-obsessed content marketing for B2B SaaS startups

Speak human. Make good. Make more.

Story-based, customer-obsessed content marketing for your growing B2B SaaS company

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B2Boring is soooo last decade.

Welcome to the Era of H2H.

In the old days, the software we used at work stayed at the office. But now the apps we use are as much a part of our daily lives and our identities as the coffee we drink or the clothes we wear.

It’s time to stop pretending people don’t have an emotional connection to their software and start creating meaningful, human-to-human relationships with our customers.

The first step? A customer-obsessed content marketing strategy inspired by the stories your customers are striving to tell about themselves.

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Story-Based Content Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Relationship Builder, Word Maker-upper

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I Speak Human.

If you’re building a subscription-based business, you can’t afford to waste time, budget and emotional energy trying to make bad-fit customers happy.

I wield my story-fueled content marketing strategy superpowers to help you spark meaningful relationships with the humans who need and will love your life-changing product. 

Here’s how I can help your B2B SaaS company grow and thrive:

  • ACHIEVE PRODUCT-MARKET FIT with data-backed customer research.

  • BRING YOUR BRAND VOICE TO LIFE by communicating and acting on your company’s mission and values with every customer interaction

  • TURN WEB TRAFFIC INTO READY-TO-BUY LEADS with carefully designed content marketing strategy inspired by the biggest challenges and greatest desires of your target customer

  • DELIVER MEANINGFUL VALUE through journalistic-quality content, designed to reach your customer precisely where they’re seeking help.


What does a Story-Based Content Marketing Strategy mean for your business?



When Shereef Bishay, founder of Dev Bootcamp, came to me in need of better qualified leads for his new public benefit corp, my conversion copywriting services helped to increase Facebook Ad and landing page conversions by over 200%.

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When Joshua Bretag, founder of the Mindful productivity app, needed to engage potential beta users, my content marketing strategy earned fan mail from his subscribers, won the attention of major product review bloggers, and converted 32.7 percent of his landing page visitors.

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When Dallas realtor Junior Desinor needed to raise funding to bring his industry-changing real estate lockbox and app to market, my work on his crowdfunding campaign helped him raise $100,412 in just 30 days--and go on to make a deal on Shark Tank.

Check out this recap of my client’s pitch on Shark Tank!


My clients:

  • Empower women of color to take on leadership roles in their careers and communities

  • Make healthy food choices accessible and appealing in low-income "food deserts"

  • Help companies close the gender pay gap by offering parental support and wellness programs for new moms

In other words, if your business has a purpose beyond pure profit, my story-based approach will help you make it a reality.

I can help if you are…


REady To Find Your Customers

  • You’ve launched a beta or minimum viable product

  • You’re getting sign-ups, but they’re mostly people you know who owe you a favor…and your mom

  • Once people sign up, their level of engagement with your product is non-existent to “meh”

  • When you check your daily sales report, you can hear crickets chirping

  • You’re under the gun to reduce churn while growing monthly recurring revenue before that sweet seed funding fizzles out



  • You’ve gotten your first 10-20 paid subscribers who are sticking around and recommending you to their friends

  • Your product’s ROI/USP is clear, so selling more is just a matter of getting more traffic to your site

  • When you Google for yourself using industry keywords, you see everyone…but you.

  • You know that creating content is important for SEO, but ain’t nobody got time for that.



Ready To Make a Difference

  • You have a small, scrappy team of people dedicated to making sh*t happen and changing the status quo...

  • You're an up-and-coming SaaS company on a mission to use your business as a means to solve problems beyond making profits...

  • You aren't afraid to take a stand and pick a fight with “business as usual”…

  • You're committed to taking action on issues your customers care about

  • You don’t just want transactional relationships with your customers–you want them to have an emotional connection

Ready to Be A Guiding Light In Your Industry

  • You want people to see not only are you the real deal, you’re a BIG deal

  • You want to be the company people immediately turn to or recommend when they’re looking for tools or resources, regardless if they’re paid customers

  • You want to earn a reputation for excellence that transfers to your products and services, so people are more likely to choose you over the competition when they’re ready to buy

  • You dream of hosting a conference or giving a TED talk some day


Whoa...you sound like my kind of client.

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And now a few kind words…

Awww…thanks, folks.

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