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I help growing B2B SaaS startups speak Human.

Spark connections, conversions and conversations with a customer-obsessed content marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing Strategist, Relationship Builder, STORYTELLER, Copywriter, Word Maker-upper

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I Speak Human.

I wield my story-fueled content marketing superpowers to help you ignite meaningful relationships with the humans who need and will love your life-changing product. 


The best content brings in more leads and better leads. Forever.

Here’s how I can help your B2B SaaS company grow and thrive:


More Traffic & Engagement

One month after implementing the content marketing strategy I created for online course builder CourseCraft, they saw a 6,800.68% increase in traffic and a 206.14% increase in time on page.

This data shows traffic to a SaaS client’s website one month after we officially launched the content marketing strategy I created for them.

This data shows traffic to a SaaS client’s website one month after we officially launched the content marketing strategy I created for them.

“We definitely have seen an improvement in conversion rates and engagement since starting the content marketing plan and new onboarding emails.” 

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Sara Funduk, Founder & CEO of CourseCraft


When Shereef Bishay, founder of Dev Bootcamp, came to me in need of better qualified leads for his new public benefit corp, my conversion copywriting services helped to increase Facebook Ad and landing page conversions by over 200%.

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When Joshua Bretag, founder of the Mindful productivity app, needed to engage potential beta users, my content marketing strategy earned fan mail from his subscribers, won the attention of major product review bloggers, and converted 32.7 percent of his landing page visitors.

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When Dallas realtor Junior Desinor needed to raise funding to bring his industry-changing real estate lockbox and app to market, my work on his crowdfunding campaign helped him raise $100,412 in just 30 days--and go on to make a deal on Shark Tank.

Check out this recap of my client’s pitch on Shark Tank!


My clients:

  • Empower women of color to take on leadership roles in their careers and communities

  • Make healthy food choices accessible and appealing in low-income "food deserts"

  • Help companies close the gender pay gap by offering parental support and wellness programs for new moms

In other words, if your business has a purpose beyond pure profit, my story-based approach will help you make it a reality.

Struggling to connect with the subscribers your SaaS needs to grow?

Story power to the rescue!




I explore and provide feedback on the key content pieces that represent each phase of your customer journey, including:

  • PPC ads

  • Sample blog posts

  • Lead magnet opt-in

  • Web pages

  • User onboarding sequence

  • Post-activation content



Ditch your crappy copy and bring your sales to life with a done-for-you website rewrite.

Here’s what you get:

  • A 90-minute story discovery session to sharpen your messaging

  • A Brand Storytelling Toolbox

    • Mission and Values Statements

    • Buyer Persona

    • Brand Persona

    • Positioning Statement

    • Brand Voice Style Guide

  • Copywriting for 5 essential web pages


Apply for a free HOME page TEARDOWN

A quick way to get some expert eyeballs on your SaaS home page. Get straightforward input on what’s working to drive customer acquisition–and what might be getting in the way.


And get the following questions answered:

  • How can you attract more leads like your best revenue-generating customers?

  • Which content marketing channels will reach the right kinds of leads at the right point in their decision-making journey?

  • Where are the biggest gaps in your content marketing funnel?

  • What kind of marketing content will deliver genuine value to the people who most need your product?

  • Where are some opportunities for repurposing existing content for better-quality traffic and engagement?

  • How can you leverage your existing customers for advocacy, referrals, and affiliate marketing?


JOIn The Speaking Human Slack COmmunity

  • Connect with fellow customer-obsessed startup founders and marketers on a mission to use business as a means to solve problems beyond making profits.

  • Learn with and stay accountable to folks who aren't afraid to take a stand and pick a fight with “business as usual”

  • Discover what your customers care about and how to create content that reflects their personal journey

  • Get feedback 24/7 on any content you’re working on from a network of marketing pros.

Note: the Speaking Human Slack Group is currently in the midst of a re-launch.


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Liberate your SaaS customers from the funnel.

The B2B marketing & sales funnel is soooo last century.

Welcome to the era of the H2H content flywheel.

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Better relationships = more activation = more referrals = sustainable growth.

The B2B SaaS flywheel runs on meaningful human-to-human relationships based on customer success: as your customers grow their businesses, your business grows.

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