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The Facebook Feed-pocalypse is a HUGE opportunity for story-driven content marketing strategy— here’s why

The best way to overcome fake follows, shares and comments is to humanize marketing goals and to focus on impact, connection and sustainability over rapid growth.

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Building Your Crowdfunding Strategy: A Crap-Ton of Questions To Ask Before You Crowdfund

Before you begin creating a crowdfunding strategy — or any kind of campaign launch — you need to address some fundamental questions. Once you provide the answers, you’ll have a clear — and slightly intimidating — picture of everything you’ll need to accomplish to launch a successful campaign.

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Pain Makes Amazing Blogging Inspiration- Here's How to Use It (Without Being A Douche)

Inspiration bank overdrawn? You'll have an infinite source of blogging ideas once you learn how to tap into your target reader's pain-- without being a jerk. Here's how to always come up with a blog topic that will hit people right where it matters.

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Am I Making a Difference?

 When we know we're making a difference in other people's lives, it keeps us going through the hard parts.

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How Startups Can Pinpoint the Target Customer of Their Dreams

I’m a copywriter who works with startups and I’ve discovered that my online dating days taught me a thing or two about digital marketing.

What does online dating have to do with content creation and digital marketing for startups?

Believe it or not, everything.

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In Defense of the Digital Marketing Ninja

Ninjas are awesome. And if you call yourself a digital marketing ninja, you should hold your black-clad head up proud and keep on doing you. Here’s why:

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How to Pitch the TED Way Without Having to Be a Genius

A look at 10 persuasive TED Talks that will teach you the art of story-selling.

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The 6 Emotional Markets Your Brand Needs To Succeed

There are some brands out there that just *get it.* We identify with them so deeply that they don't just represent a product that we consume or a service we use, they represent our selves. What is it that makes a brand like Disney so intrinsic to the American identity, versus another animation studio like Dreamworks?

It's in the story they help their audience tell about themselves.

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The Urgent Need to Create: Mania or Inspiration?

Has this ever happened to you? It's like this little frenzied spirit starts to whisper in my mind: "Ooo! wouldn't this be cool?" "What would happen if you...?" "I think this idea would be awesome!" And it keeps niggling at me until I just have to do something about it.

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Do You Belong to a Tribe? Life's a Niche: Find Your Tribe, Part 2

In order for you to be successful in your niche, you need to find an audience that will embrace it and evolve as a community to support and encourage you in your work. That group of people, according to The Godfather of Tribal Marketing, Seth Godin, is called a digital tribe.

And the way that you find your tribe is to follow your passions and to be true to yourself.

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