Never Panic About Finding the Right Words Again.

Overworked? Suffering from Writer’s Block? Here’s How You Can Take the Hassle Out of Your Content Hustle, Vanquish Looming Deadlines, Free Up Time, and Skyrocket Sales—All in Less Than 30 Minutes.


Dear Startup Genius,

Do you know what the most intimidating thing in the world is?

It’s not a ferocious pit bull. It’s not public speaking. It’s not even your mother calling you by your first and middle name.

It’s an empty screen with a blinking cursor.

There it waits with silent accusation, winking at you as if to say:

“You’re in deep trouble, my uninspired friend. You’re three weeks behind on your launch, all the marketing advice says to produce two 1,000-word posts a week for your blog, and the cheap copy mill you ordered some content from sent you something that’s barely written in English. You’ve got less than 24 hours to fix this before your publishing deadline: what are you going to do?”

So there you sit: staring at your blank Word document; desperate for something, anything to give you an idea of where to even begin.

And you’ve got nothing.

What’s worse: there are 500 other things you should be doing right now. You’re growing a business.

 You have something different to offer the world: you've created a business plan that will not only drive sales but will also foster relationships and build communities around a common social cause.

Slapping crappy copy on your website is simply not an option. You want to inspire people to action, not send them away or worse-- bore them into doing nothing.

…And there that blinking cursor on the empty screen awaits; mocking you as you struggle to fill that empty page with the perfect combination of words to excite your audience.

So what do you do? Let’s take a look at your options:

1) You could order from another bargain-basement copy mill.

 There are a kajillion of them out there, all promising quick turnaround time and “quality” content for pennies per word. Note the value of cheap content is rarely specified…just…”quality.” What does that even mean? Besides, if you’ve already been down that road, the results ain’t pretty. The content rarely represents the high standards you’ve worked diligently to maintain and communicate to your prospective customers.

2) You could post to a giant anonymous job site for freelancers.

But if you’re truly looking for expert-level work, vetting the pile of proposals would add yet another item to your already maxed-out “to-do” list. Plus, freelancers have to fight it out for your favor, which means they often low-ball their rates.  Good for your budget, but there’s no guarantee their hearts will be in the low-paid work and the quality could suffer.

3) You could hire an in-house copywriter.

But that’s a big commitment: you’d have to deal with interviews, background checks, paperwork, benefits, payroll, and overall management: stuff that you just don’t have time to handle at this point in your business journey.

4) You could DIY it.

But…nope. Finding the right headspace to create meaningful, informative content was something you could do back in the day, before you became a full-fledged entrepreneur, but now your workload demands that you outsource.


You could work with a passionate, professional freelance copywriting service.  

Hi. I’m Alaura, and I’m here to make your job easier and to make you look brilliant.

I'm here to take the pressure off of you to create exciting, unique content for your target audience.

It’s not enough to hit Google for a few minutes and re-word someone else’s blog post or to sneak a peek at a competitor’s landing page and yank a few phrases to create your own. Our audiences are smarter than that: we owe them our genuine, vulnerable, passionate, individual voices. We owe them our stories.

I'm here to free up your time so you can pursue your passions as a founder.

How long does it take you to write a 1,000 word blog post? I’m not talking about the sit-down-and-type phase: I’m talking about the time it takes to research, outline, write, edit, format, and publish an expert level 1,000-word article. (Hint: it takes me 8-10 hours and I’m a pro).

Now multiply that by at least 2 times a week.

Now add all of your onboarding emails, landing pages, UX notifications, influencer outreach emails, social media posts, and pay-per-click ads.

That’s a big bucket of time that you could use to work on projects you actually want to do.

I’m here to save you money so you can invest your budget AND time into the growth of your business.

If you’ve purchased cheap content from a big anonymous website before, you may have pinched a few pennies, but at what cost? Chances are you received generic, bland, keyword-stuffed junk that acts as a search engine magnet for a website, but that’s where the engagement stops.

Search engines aren’t an audience. You need human-centered content written to inform, excite, entertain, and inspire people.

If you were lucky enough to get great content from an anonymous content mill writer, you have a minimal chance of continuing to work with them: great writers don’t stick around those job sites for long, and due to the “no direct contact” policies of such sites, odds are you won’t be able to track them down.

I should know: I started as a content mill writer and worked my way out.

I cut my copywriting teeth on the content mill assembly line, scribbling out SEO content in the wee hours of the morning while my kids were asleep.

But I quickly realized after several enthusiastic reviews from customers that I had something different to offer than the typical pennies-per-word keyword stuffer.  As I got more repeat orders from regular clients, I earned (barely) enough to launch my own site and to support a marketing campaign. I was out of there—no turning back.

The best decision I made as a copywriter was to go out on my own—not only because it was smart from a business standpoint, but also because it gave me the ability to experience just how challenging and truly rewarding it is to be an entrepreneur.

I’ve been where you are: I’ve felt the heat of a client deadline breathing down my neck, I’ve been under pressure to produce results for my own business, and I know what it feels like to fight for time to see one project through from the beginning to the end.

I built my business helping entrepreneurial rockstars like yourself who were smart enough to take a chance on me. 

And their chances have more than paid off.

My clients can grow their companies at a faster pace because they know they can get consistently impeccable, professional quality work from a copywriter who absolutely loves what she does.

Now I'm here to help YOU skyrocket your web traffic and sales with storytelling magic.

Here’s what I do:

-         I work with you to identify your target audience, what they want, and what you offer to solve their problem.

-         Using a method I’ve developed based on psychology and marketing research, I figure out what triggers will motivate the target audience to take action.

-  I weave a powerful business story around those emotional triggers.

-  I develop a content strategy that will meet your target users where they're seeking help or guidance. 

-  I craft the right words to tell that story through the mediums of blogging, social media content, and sales copy.

In other words, you'll never have to panic about coming up with the right words again: I'm here to help.

All you have to do is spend 30 minutes on the phone or on Skype for our initial consultation.

I’ll take it from there.


We feel stories. It's science.

The human mind is hard-wired to experience stories on a deeper level than any other form of communication

According to research by cognitive scientists, the human brain doesn’t distinguish between hearing a story and experiencing events in real life. In both cases, the same neurological regions are activated.

Science also tells us that we're more likely to remember and take action as a result of a sales pitch with a story.

And numerous marketing studies have proven that the feelings associated with a brand drive peoples’ decisions to buy by a factor of 3-to-1.

I use the art and science of storytelling to create human connections between your client and their audience.


A word of warning: if you’re looking for someone to churn out content for search engine robots, I’m not your gal.

I’m motivated by a desire to help people tell stories their audience can relate to on a human level. When we stop using content based off of cheap second-hand buzzwords and start creating human-centered content, the result is tremendous click-through rates, minimal bounce rates, and an enthusiastic community of fans rallying behind us.

Copywriting, when done well, tells a complicated story in a simple way that inspires people to action. As a skilled copywriter and insightful content strategist, I pour my heart into crafting the content, structure, voice and tone of a project and making sure it's seen and shared by the right people.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get from hiring me to work my copy mojo:

1)     Time galore- Imagine what you can accomplish once you free up your precious time to finally tackle the projects you keep putting off.

2)     No more burnout- Unleash your imagination to  developing more brilliant business ideas.

3)     The peace of mind knowing your content is taken care of- No more deadline pressure hanging over you.

4)     Happy customers = buying customers- Upselling people on additional services will be twice as easy after you’ve impressed them with the professional quality content you’ve already provided them on your blog and onboarding campaigns.

5)     More web traffic- Attract not just lots of traffic, but lots of the right traffic to you website.

6)     More qualified leads- An audience of enthusiastic potential buyers will line up to interact with and purchase your products and services.

7)     More sales- Not just more sales, more profit-maximizing sales. Your sales funnel will be brimming with devoted fans eager to buy the next best product or service.


Here's what some Founders like you have to say about my approach:


"Being passionate about what your client is passionate about is so important and it showed in your final draft.

Another thing is you took initiative– you came up with a solution that was on brand and in line with what I really wanted. You didn't create a new problem- I loved that! Thank you!

Your level of excellence shows that you are building a Sistine Chapel- people who are building Sistine Chapels always give their clients excellent work.

If I could describe you in two words: You're dope! :-)"

—Karlyn Percil-Mercieca, President & Founder of SisterTalk Women's Leadership Network


"The best business copywriters are equal parts creative and effective.
Your content needs to reach people on an emotional level. It needs to tell a story. It also needs to convert. It needs to move people along their decision-making process and buy your stuff, right now. Alaura makes both of these objectives happen with excellence. She takes your needs and wants, and converts them into storytelling and business making magic. She's the first person I think of when I have a writing project, and I'm always treated with prompt service. She's a gem to work with."

 —Greg Albright, B2B Digital Marketing Strategist & Founder of MySocialBrief


Aw, thanks, guys. If there’s a slightly pink tone to this sentence, it’s because I’m blushing.


Now you can achieve storytelling magic starting at $2500 per month.

I’m offering you the opportunity to reserve my services with a monthly blogging package at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house copywriter.

Here’s what you get:

-      Professional Blogging, Web Copywriting, and Social Media Content- You’re under enough pressure running your business: save yourself the headache of having to produce quality content by hiring a pro. You’ll get inspired, creative copy with a quick turnaround time and at a decent price.

-      On-time Documents- You’ll stay right on track with your publishing schedule: no more sweating over looming deadlines!

-      Thoroughly Researched Articles- Your clients’ readers will trust you as an authority within your industry, and the search engines will love you, too.

-      Narrative-based Copy- Transform readers into customers and make more sales with storytelling magic.

-      Search Engine Optimized Content- With the right words, search engines will find your content irresistible and will drive massive traffic to your site.

-      Meaningful Content- Excite, intrigue, and inspire your audience into sharing links to your site.

-      Zero plagiarism- You know what English teachers and Google have in common? They both hate copycats. Avoid search engine penalties with unique, original content.

-      Zero errors- Keep your Grammar-Nazi readers happy with beautifully constructed sentences and flawless spelling.

-      Discounted “Order in Bulk” Rates- You can say that you’ve gotten more than what you’ve paid for.

-      Consistent Content Flow- You’ll have all the benefits of an in-house copywriter at a fraction of the cost.

All you have to do is select the right combination of packages for you based on the quantity of content your clients will need on a monthly basis.

I’ll take care of the rest.



Monthly content creation packages (three-month minimum contract):


The Blogger’s Delight Package

One (1) 1000-word blog post per week (OR 2 500-word posts per week)

$3000 value

Yours for $2500/month (three-month minimum contract)

The COntent Machine Package

Two (2) 1000-word to 1200-word blog posts per week- $5000 value

Yours for $3500/month (three-month minimum contract)

The Epic Content Package

Two (2) 2,500+ word pieces per month

$7500 value

Yours for $5000/month (three-month minimum contract)



And here’s the even-better news: if you book a FREE 30-minute consultation with me in the next week, you’ll get 30% off your first month of your blogging package!*

That means if you sign up for the minimum blogging package, you’ll get a 750-word blog post for free! 

(*A three-month minimum commitment is required for all monthly packages)

But here’s the thing:

(Isn’t there always a thing?)

Right now, millions of people are searching for your services. If you aren’t making a powerful impression on search engine rankings and social media, you are losing business to companies who have stepped up to the digital plate and are publishing fresh, optimized content.

Don’t let another potential customer defect to the Dark Side! Contact me for a copywriting consultation.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to hear what I have to say. I want to make sure you understand the integrity I bring to my work: I guarantee that my work will be on time, error-free, and plagiarism-free.


Oh, and here’s the other thing:

There’s only one of me, and thousands of founders desperate for content from a copywriter like me. My calendar is filling up with client projects, so book me ASAP!

Go ahead--Click this link to reserve your FREE 30-minute copywriting consultation.

All the best,

Alaura Weaver

P.S. Here’s the TL;DR version for anyone scrolling to the bottom:

I’m a go-to copywriter for startup founders because I take the content burden off their shoulders, liberate their time and earn their clients a steady stream of web traffic and sales. To learn more and reserve a spot on my project calendar, let’s have a 30-minute chat: