For campaign goals of $90K or less

Let's be real: crowdfunding can be a catch-22. If you want to launch a stellar campaign, you need money to pay for everything from prototyping to video production to the fees for the crowdfunding platform itself. Buuut the point is (hello) you don't have money--hence the crowdfunding campaign! *sigh*

Maximize your (barely existent) budget with this crowdfunding strategy toolkit that guides you through every step of building your email list, reaching influential publications, writing your video script and campaign page and getting your backers pumped about funding your project.

You'll get a one-hour strategy consultation with yours truly. After I learn your goals for growth and impact, I'll curate a package of playbooks, spreadsheets, and templates specific to your campaign needs. All you have to do is plug in your research, build out your message, and launch that baby.

Package pricing starts at $500



For campaign goals of $100K + 

This done-for-you service will not only help you raise the funds you need to bring your vision to life, but will also give you a strong foundation for transitioning from your crowdfunding project to your ecommerce website.

Build your list, get bloggers to promote you before you even launch, create an enthusiastic community of backers and rocket past your crowdfunding goal with this total strategy and copywriting package.

Here's what's included:

  • Kickoff Consultation
  • Campaign Strategy Roadmap
  • Target Backer Persona
  • Key Influencer & Editorial Contacts Database
  • Social Media Content & Outreach/PR Planning
  • 3 Months of Content Creation (blog posts, ghostwritten guest posts)
  • Video Script
  • Coming Soon & Campaign Page copy
  • Pre-launch Email Sequence
  • Backer/social media updates throughout campaign

Package pricing starts at $5,000