Did you know that one of the top reasons 90% of startups fail is due to poor product-market fit?

And yet 90% of startup founders continue to make the same mistakes: they come up with an idea, they rush to build it and ship it with as many features as they can cram into the durn thing and then they launch...and burn.

Ready for a cold splash of reality?

If you’ve launched a new product or service that you KNOW could change lives but you’re having a hard time selling it, it means you aren’t speaking to the right person in the right way.  

Ready for a warm bubble bath of reassurance?

I've got a top-secret, hush-hush don’t-tell THINGY for new clients only to help you discover who that right person is—(srsly: don't tell!)—called...

“The Birth of a Buyer Story.”

It’s a done-for-you buyer persona you can use to determine your marketing strategy and brand voice, come up with content ideas, and hyper-focus your sales copy. The buyer persona is a foundational tool that I apply to every copywriting project I work on, from landing pages and email campaigns to 20-page content strategy roadmaps. So reserve yours today [link]!


Whoa! Sloooow down there, Cheetah girl! Why do I even need a buyer persona?


Well, without a buyer persona,  you’ll end up wasting a crap-ton of time and marketing money on trying to convert poor-quality leads, and your sales copy will come across as all kindsa vague and (gasp) salesy.


Ever get an email offer or a piece of junk mail where the sender CLEARLY has no clue who you are or what matters to you? It’s doubtful they had a buyer persona--or if they did, it was probably a generic alliterated stock photo slapped onto a template in a feeble attempt at looking legit. Behold:




If you want your copy to come to life and inspire people to take action, it’s essential that your persona represents a living, breathing, snort-laughing human being with fears and dreams. (Is there anything more human than the awkward yet always endearing snort-laugh? I think not).


To give you an idea of the level of depth I go into creating a persona, here’s a screencap of the most recent one I made for a client:


With the right buyer persona, your copy can appeal to the deepest hopes and greatest sources of pain in your target buyer’s soul, resulting not only in more sales, but also a community of fans begging you to deliver more life-changing products!


Okay, I get it. But why should I have you create a buyer persona for me?


Creating a buyer persona is the first step in working with me. It helps us determine if we're a good fit without the pressure, while ALSO creating something you can put into action immediately--regardless if you decide to hire me for future projects (but you totally should because I’ve been told I’m dope).


Aaaand I just happen to be the gal marketing pros go to when they need a persona person. My expertise on creating personas has been featured in places like Copy Hackers, CoSchedule, Conscious Company, Foundr and The Copywriter Club Podcast. So...I know my sh*t. Just sayin.


Oh, also? My clients have gotten freakin’ FAN MAIL from their list subscribers because of how dead-on their email copy was, thanks to the hyper-specific personas I’ve delivered. Fan mail like this:


“Hey guys,

I just read your email and I feel like you guys TOTALLY get who I am, what I need, and my PAIN! Kudos to your team for seeing a need and getting to work to fill it! I’m a fan and I haven’t even seen the app yet…All in all I’m rooting for you all!”


(Aw...thanks cheerleader guy! And kudos for using the term kudos!)


Oo lala! Je suis impressed! What do I get in my Birth of a Buyer Story package?


Your package will include:


    1. Market Research Findings- an at-a-glance overview of your target market

    2. Demographic & Psychographic Information- data-backed details on your target buyer’s external and internal motivators that influence their buying decisions.

    3. Goals, Fears & Frustrations- psychological insights about the problems your target buyer seeks to solve and how they feel about them (and how your brand will be perfectly positioned to solve them).

    4. Buyer Story- a detailed biographical narrative based on the data collected about your target buyer.

    5. Influencers- examples of favorite social media and content channels, as well as online communities where you can find your target buyer

    6. Favorite Causes- your target buyer cares about stuff that you should care about, too (as we’ve seen over the past year--making a stand for good is good business). I’ll identify some of the big charitable causes and social issues that you can align your company with through fundraising and awareness campaigns.

    7. Action steps- recommended next steps on how to grab the attention and gain the trust of your target buyer so they will convert from stranger to super-fan.


Are you leaning forward at your standing desk, ready for me to help bring your bouncing baby buyer persona into the world?


Yes. Yes I am. What do I do to make this happen?


Here are the next steps & details:


  1. Go here to buy your Birth of a Buyer Story.


  1. After you check out, you’ll get a link to my project calendar and to schedule a kickoff call.


  1. You’ll get an email confirmation with a link to a discovery form. Please fill it out with as much detail as possible (the more info you provide, the quicker I’ll be able to deliver your persona!)


  1. You’ll get your persona 5-10 days after our kickoff call.




Normally I charge my clients $1200 for this service. But as a new client, I’m offering you my introductory (and super-secret) rate of $797.


Yerp. That’s a 33.4166666….%-ish discount. But only if you reserve your spot today.


Why the rush? Because:

  1. This is a hand-crafted document that requires hours of research and a fair amount of creative energy.

  2. I only have one brain (sorry...blame Darwin), so I can only take on 3 new clients a month MAX-- in addition to my current client work.


So if you want in on this dealio--click the button below, pronto!


I’m only selling 3 of these at this super-secret rate. So reserve your buyer persona before this thing self destructs!


Your fellow human,


Alaura Weaver


P.S. Lingering questions? Email me to get them answered: alaura@wordweaverfreelance.com


P.P.S. Not interested in hiring me, but want to learn how to create your own buyer persona? I’m building a course on just such a thing. You can take a sample lesson here [link].