The Top Reason 90 percent of startups fail has nothing to do with their products and everything to do with who they are selling to.

When you’re first starting out, you may have an idea as to who your product is for, but do you have the data to back it up?

  • Do you understand the pains driving your customer to seek out your product and the goals they’re seeking to accomplish?

  • Do you know who has a burning need for your product, and will gladly pay you for it?

If you ask most early-stage SaaS founders these questions, the answer is usually a resounding ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

And you can see it…in your empty bank account…in your low conversion rates and high churn rates…in the dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep… when you’re not reaching the right people for your product.

Stop flailing and start connecting and selling. It’s time for a Purpose-driven Buyer Persona.

If you want to connect with the right customers and inspire them to take action, it’s essential that your buyer persona represent a living, breathing, snort-laughing human being with fears, dreams and goals you can help them with. 

“This document is AWESOME. Your level of research shows. The detail is impressive. It gives us everything we need to focus our marketing on one goal: getting this person to subscribe.”

Jeremy Biron, CEO of Forecastly

With the right buyer persona, your copy can appeal to the deepest hopes and greatest sources of pain in your target buyer’s soul, resulting not only in more sales, but also a community of fans begging you to deliver more life-changing products!

“This work was very helpful in identifying ways to clearly communicate with our audience, so thank you for pulling together this great work. This will be a strong asset to have in preparing our marketing, curriculum, and admission materials.”

Abigail Hayhurst, Director of Advancement, The Advent School

Ready to get fan mail and oodles of sales?

“Hey guys,

I just read your email and I feel like you guys TOTALLY get who I am, what I need, and my PAIN! Kudos to your team for seeing a need and getting to work to fill it! I’m a fan and I haven’t even seen the app yet.”

An email from one of my client’s pre-launch subscribers

Reserve your spot on my project calendar today.

Check out some examples of personas I’ve created for clients that have led to more leads, more conversions, and more growth:

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Your package will include:

  1. One 60-minute kickoff consultation.

  2. A list of customer survey questions tailored to your audience

  3. Four 20-minute video customer/prospect interview calls, recorded and transcribed

  4. Market Research Findings- an at-a-glance overview of your target market

  5. Demographic & Psychographic Information- data-backed details on your target buyer’s external and internal motivators that influence their buying decisions.

  6. Goals, Fears & Frustrations- psychological insights about the problems your target buyer seeks to solve and how they feel about them (and how your brand and products will be perfectly positioned to solve them).

  7. Buyer Story- a detailed biographical narrative based on the data collected about your target buyer.

  8. Influencers- examples of favorite social media and content channels, as well as online communities where you can find your target buyer

  9. Favorite Causes- your target buyer cares about stuff that you should care about, too (as we’ve seen over the past year--making a stand for good is good business). I’ll identify some of the big charitable causes and social issues that you can align your company with through fundraising and awareness campaigns.

  10. Action steps- recommended next steps on how to grab the attention and gain the trust of your target buyer so they will convert from stranger to super-fan.


Ready to get to know your ideal customer so you can finally drive growth?

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