User Onboarding Copy

Captivate and guide your free trial users to the “A-HA moment” that transforms them into paid subscribers. 

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Comprehensive onboarding & Conversion Package

Identify your target persona, plan their journey from signup through product mastery, and guide them from free offer to paid membership.

Package includes:

  • Market research report
  • Customer success interviews/surveys
  • User persona
  • Onboarding master blueprint
  • Onboarding email flow roadmap
  • Opt-in landing page copy & wireframe
  • Onboarding email sequence copy

Pricing starts at $7,000 



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In-App User Experience Strategy & MicroCopy Package

Hook new users on your brand. Give them a delightful and engaging experience as they interact with your products.

Package includes:

  • Research report: user stories & UX analysis
  • User journey map
  • Onboarding microcopy
  • In-app feature tour & product demo
  • Status email/text notifications

Pricing starts at $5,000